cPanel Web Hosting Login

To login to the cPanel management interface for your web hosting plan do the following: Open a web browser  (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) In the address bar type: In the login box type your cPanel login In the password box type your cPanel password Click login. If […]

SnapMobile General Information

SnapMobile is an Android and iOS app which allows you to use your smartphone to access voicemail, see call history, view contacts and, depending on 4G signal quality, make and receive calls.* SnapMobile is available in the Android Play store for select Android devices and in the App store for select iOS […]

Amplex Recommended E-mail Clients

Amplex technicians are often asked what e-mail client is the best. While each person is unique and some clients may suit one person better then another, there are two recommendations we have for desktop and laptop computers. Webmail The best e-mail may be to simply use the free Amplex Webmail program at […]

How Long Does Amplex Store E-mail?

Amplex e-mail servers do not have a limit on the time most of your e-mail is stored. There are some specific conditions in which e-mail messages will be automatically removed. Amplex reserves the right to clear out old messages if your mailbox exceeds 1GB in size. By request we can […]

Amplex Billing FAQ

Thank you for choosing Amplex as your Internet provider. Your monthly, emailed invoice will be arriving soon. To help you in this process, we have provided answers to frequently asked questions. HOW DO I RECEIVE MY INVOICE? Monthly invoices are sent to the email address we have on file.. You […]

New Customer Pre-install Letter

22690 Pemberville Road Luckey, OH 43443 888-419-3635 or 419-837-5015 [email protected]   Thank you for choosing Amplex as your Internet provider. Please click here to download a copy of your 12 month agreement for new service. Your installer will have you sign a copy of this agreement at the time of the installation. […]