Residential Phone – How To Manage Call Forwarding

Amplex residential phone service allows you to forward your calls to another phone. This is especially helpful if you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time and want to forward all your calls to a cell phone.

NOTE: The below instructions are for residential customers. Business customers should contact the business office manager or [email protected] for instructions.


Activate Call Forwarding

From your home phone dial *72 and the 10 digit number you wish to forward calls to. Example: *724195551212 to forward calls to 419-555-1212. Wait and you will hear a prompt tell you “Forwarding active to” then the voice will read off the number. Your call forwarding is now active and you can hang up the phone.


Deactivate Call Forwarding

From your home phone dial *73. You will hear a voice come on the line saying “Call forwarding is now deactivated.”



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