SnapMobile General Information

SnapMobile is an Android and iOS app which allows you to use your smartphone to access voicemail, see call history, view contacts and, depending on 4G signal quality, make and receive calls.*

SnapMobile is available in the Android Play store for select Android devices and in the App store for select iOS devices.


How To Login:

Once SnapMobile is downloaded to your phone open the App. You will be asked for three pieces of information.

Login Info

Host/ID: Type: amplex

Login:   For residential customers type: [email protected]   (Example: [email protected] ) For business customers type your extension@domain provided during your phone system setup.

Password:  Type your current phone password or pin number.

How To Use SnapMobile

SnapMobile for Android and iOS have slightly different designs due to the prefered style of Android and iOS. Please click on a link below to download a detailed how-to for your phone’s operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Does SnapMobile replace my existing phone?

Answer: SnapMobile is designed to augment your existing phone and allow you to access many of the features of your phone while your away from home or the office. While SnapMobile may work as a replacement phone in some situations, the wide variety of cellular network conditions and phone models make it a secondary and not a primary device.

Question: I made a call from SnapMobile and the person said I was breaking up, what’s going on?

Answer: Since SnapMobile relies on your cell phone data and can be effected by signal level and cell phone tower capacity you may experience dropped or broken up audio in some situations. Cell phone providers prioritize their own voice calls over all other traffic and we suggest during those times to use your cell phone to make and receive calls in place of the SnapMobile app.



* All SnapMobile features use your cell phones data and/or wifi connection. Please speak to your cell phone provider regarding your cellular data limits. 4G signal quality is based both on your cell phone signal and the current capacity for the cell phone tower your phone is connected to. Inconsistent data speeds may result in broken up audio on calls.  When placing or receiving a call SnapMobile use approximately 750 KBytes (0.75 Megabytes) per minute of data.


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