New Amplex Email System Features

The Amplex email system is undergoing an dramatic upgrade on the night of March 31st 2020. This upgrade has many improvements including the following:

  • Faster performance
  • Improved spam detection
  • User controlled approved and denied mailers list (whitelist/blacklist)
  • Larger e-mail attachments (up to 20mb)
  • Improved Webmail interface with Mobile Optimized site
  • Out of office responders / Vacation away messages

Along with the improvements listed above is a host of behind the scenes upgrades to meet and exceed industry best practices on e-mail security and reliability.


  • Question: Will all of my e-mail automatically move over to the new system?
  • Answer: Yes, Amplex is migrating all e-mail automatically to the new system for you.
  • Question: Does this upgrade mean my bill is going to change for my e-mail?
  • Answer: Absolutely not! There is no charge for this upgrade, it is being done as part of Amplex’s continued focus on improving the systems and services we deliver to our customers.
  • Question: What username should I be using for the new e-mail system?
  • Answer: Use your full e-mail address as your username. Ex: If your e-mail is [email protected] your old username was johndoe, your new username will be [email protected]



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