Android E-mail Set-up

Gmail is the app you use to retrieve your e-mail on Android devices including but not limited to: Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, or other Android Devices. These instructions are based on a Google Pixel running Android Pie, but should work on most Android Devices with the Gmail App updated within the past few years.

Locate the Gmail application on your phone, you can do this by either tapping the “Gmail” button on the bottom of your phone, or searching it.

If this is your first time setting up an email in Gmail, you will see a screen to Add account. 


If you already have an e-mail account set up in Gmail, then you will need to Add another account from the top right corner. Click Other


Add your full email address and then click NEXT.


The next screen will show the Incoming server settings. The username is your full email address and the server name is Click NEXT.

The same settings will apply for the Outgoing server settings. Click NEXT.

The next screen will show any account options that you may want to customize. Click NEXT.


Success! Set your user name for outgoing email and then click NEXT.

Please Note: If you have a lot of e-mails it may take some additional time to download them before you are able to send a message.




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