Outlook with Office 365

Setting up your Amplex email via Outlook in Office 365 is simple. Following these steps below will allow you to add this on your Windows laptop or desktop. Click refers to using the left mouse button and Tap refers to pressing with your finger on a touchscreen enabled screen.   Go […]

Using SFN on Android Devices

Enjoying SFN TV on your Android device is as easy as downloading the app from the Play Store and inputting your credentials. Follow the steps outlined below to get the app going on your Android device. Navigate to the Play Store. 2.  Go to the search bar at the top […]

Using SFN TV on iOS devices

Enjoying SFN TV on your iOS device is as easy as downloading the app from the App Store and inputting your credentials. Follow the steps outlined below to get the app going on your iPhone or iPad device. 1.  Navigate to the App Store. 2. Go to the Search in […]

Enjoying SFN TV on your Computer

You can enjoy your SFN TV from your computer with any browser! Open up any browser on a Mac or PC Go to http://now.sfn-tv.com/ Enter your username, password (contract ID) and device name Click Register Enjoy! Your menu for accessing the Guide, Recordings and Search are located in the top right […]

Expanding your Wireless Network

Expanding your Wireless Network   Access Points An Access Point connects directly to your wired network, via an ethernet cable, to extend the Wi-Fi coverage to your existing network, without sacrificing speed. An Access Point works different than an Network Extender, since it is hardwired into your existing router and […]

Expanding Your Wired Network

Expanding your Wired Network   Switches   Switches are used to extend a network, taking one port of your router and turning it into many more ports. Switches are intelligent enough to take an incoming signal, look at where it was going and only relay it to the relevant outbound port. […]

Unauthorized Pop-Up Ads

  Pop-Up Ads. The 21st Century version of junk mail. Everyday, millions of pop up ads show up computers, mobile devices, and tablets, enticing you to click on their ad. Some pop-up ads come from websites, and are serving to grab your attention for a special sale or deal. Other […]

Connecting Your Smart TV

  Today’s Smart TV’s are more important than ever helping to bridge the connection between yourself and all of the digital content that is now available through services such as Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu, and the other many choices that we now have. Listed below is a basic outline of […]

Windows 10 Mail App Setup

  Windows 10 is available for desktop and laptop computers along with tablets. The instructions below give directions that refer to clicking or tapping. If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, click with your left mouse button. If you are using a tablet, tap with your index finger.   […]

iPhone/iPad Mail Setup iOS 11

  Mail is the app you use to retrieve your e-mail on an iOS device including the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To set up your Amplex e-mail account follow the setup instructions below. These instructions are based on iOS version 11.4 but should work on most iOS devices updated […]