Unauthorized Pop-Up Ads


Pop-Up Ads. The 21st Century version of junk mail. Everyday, millions of pop up ads show up computers, mobile devices, and tablets, enticing you to click on their ad. Some pop-up ads come from websites, and are serving to grab your attention for a special sale or deal. Other pop-up ads come from Malware (a malicious type of software) that has been secretly installed on your device. Often these pop-up ads are seeking for information to use to their advantage or possible trying to lure you into paying or signing up for something that is too good to be true.

We here at Amplex, never use any type of pop-up ads thru our website, nor thru any other websites as a means for advertising. We do not promote or giveaway any type of Gift Cards or Pre Pay Cards thru any type of pop-up ads. Below is just a sample of a type of pop-up ad that is not authorized or endorsed thru Amplex.



All contests or giveaways conducted thru Amplex are done thru our official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/amplexinternet/

Many web browsers offer some sort of pop-up ad protection that can help curtail or stop pop-up ads. If you click on a pop-up ad, and start to experience a different internet experience or are receiving additional pop-up ads or redirects to other web pages, you should have your device checked out at a computer repair store.


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