New Customer Welcome Letter

amplex-inet-logo22690 Pemberville Road
Luckey, OH 43443
888-419-3635 or 419-837-5015
[email protected]

Thank you for choosing Amplex as your Internet provider. We value your business and do our best to ensure your satisfaction.
Technical support is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week as well as Self-Help-Support on our website.
By completing this one minute Survey, you will be entered into our monthly drawing for one month of free Internet service, and help ensure our future installs are excellent and professional.
Be sure to “like” Amplex on Facebook, where we post contests for free service, have trivia question giveaways, and talk about important service updates.
How about a another chance to win free service or gift cards and other prizes? Write a quick review on Google and rate Amplex Internet. These reviews let your neighbors know the quality and reliability of Amplex.
For taking the time to post a review on Google, your name will be entered into another random monthly drawing for various prizes…just another fun way to say “Thank You!”
Posting a review online is easy. Search on Google for Amplex Internet. Click on “Write a Review” in the window that usually appears on the right side.
Be sure to use your full name, otherwise we cannot determine the winner when using nicknames!
Your first invoice will arrive in your email one month from the date of installation. We have several easy Payment methods to choose from.
If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].
Mark Radabaugh, President

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