New Customer Installation Survey

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    Why did you choose to go with Amplex Internet?
    Not happy with previous providerThis was our first internet providerAmplex was our only choice

    If you were considering multiple providers, what aspect stood out and made you choose Amplex?
    Local SupportPricingSpeedHeard good things about youN/A

    How satisfied were you with your installation?
    UnsatisfiedSatisfiedVery SatisfiedYou guys are awesome!

    We will be creating a colorful and informative newsletter. Is this something you are interested in and if so, what type of content would you like to see?
    Articles about current technology and trendsHow To articles about e-mail programs, virus protection, etcAnything to do with Amplex Internet and my serviceDo not care about a newsletter

    Do you have family and friends that would like our service but cannot receive it due to out coverage area? If so where do they live?

    Are there any additional comments you would like to provide to us? Please type them below.


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