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new-customer-renter-rent-signRenting? We’ve got you covered! Amplex is happy to install high speed internet at your rented home or business. Simply speak to your landlord and obtain permission for Amplex to mount the antenna and radio to the exterior of your home or business and drill through the exterior wall to run an cable inside to your unit and you’re all set!

On the day of the installation the technician who comes to your home or business will have a form for you to sign certifying that your landlord has given permission to perform the installation.

You can download this form by clicking here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Amplex have to mount something to my home or business? Will the installer bring everything needed to mount the antenna?

Answer: Yes, we will mount an antenna, very similar in size to a Dish Network satellite TV dish, to your home or business. A cable is then run by us from the antenna, drilling through the exterior wall, into your home or business to connect to your computer or wireless router to the internet.

The installer will come with everything needed to complete the installation and everything is included in the low one time setup charge.

Question: Will Amplex speak to my landlord if they have questions?

Answer: Absolutely! Amplex’s employees are always happy to speak to your landlord, with your permission, to answer any questions they may have about the installation or how our service works.

Question: What if I move? Can I take my Amplex service with me?

Answer: We’re happy to help you when it comes time to move. Just call us at 419-837-5015 and one of our trained technicians can help schedule an appointment to move your service to your new home or business.

Question: What benefits does this give my landlord? Why should a landlord agree to letting Amplex service be installed?

Answer: Access to high speed Internet is a top priority for potential renters. Having Amplex Internet at a home or business greatly increases the desirability of the property and offers an important service for potential renters.


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