Updating SFN App (Roku)

If SFN seems to be slow or keeps stopping at 33% while trying to load a channel the app may be out of date. This issue is a very simple fix, just follow the steps below!

SFN Update

  • Press the “Home” button
  • Press the “Right Arrow”/”Down Arrow” till the SFN app is highlighted
  • Once SFN is highlighted press the “Star” button
  • Press the “Up Arrow” until “Check For Update” is highlighted
  • Press the “OK” button
  • Press “OK” again
  • Re-open the SFN app and the issue should be resolved!

Note: If SFN still seems to be running slow you may need to power cycle the Roku. This is done by unplugging it from the TV and removing the power cable for 15 seconds. This should clear out the cache and free up some memory on your streaming device.


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