Internet Connection Method

Wireless (Home Wi-Fi) is usually the most common means of connecting to the internet for residential customers. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this form of connection and can add more points of interference. For the fastest and most stable connection we recommend using an Ethernet cable that’s plugged directly […]

Setting Up SFN On Fire Stick

  Setup Steps Press “Right Arrow” to select “Find” Press “Down Arrow” to select “Search” Press “OK” Input “sfn” Select “SfnTvNow” Press “OK” to download the app Press “OK” again to open the app Input user name then press “Next” Input password then press “Next” again Create a device name […]

Updating SFN App (Roku)

If SFN seems to be slow or keeps stopping at 33% while trying to load a channel the app may be out of date. This issue is a very simple fix, just follow the steps below! SFN Update Press the “Home” button Press the “Right Arrow”/”Down Arrow” till the SFN […]

Setting Up SFN On Roku Device

Before buying a new Roku device, first check to make sure your TV doesn’t already have one built in. If you have one with it built in, it should say “Roku TV” on the bottom right corner of the frame. Currently there are 11 manufacturers that have partnered with Roku: […]

SFN: Overview & Setup

Overview Amplex offers live TV packages brought to you by Internet Protocol Television or “IPTV” for short. This is slightly different from the traditional method of watching television. Instead of using cable boxes that are fixed to one location, we use Roku and Amazon Fire Stick streaming devices. The SFN […]

Virtual Private Network

Overview Virtual Private Network (VPN) basically means that you’re routing all of your internet traffic through a remote server before sending it out to the internet. This is a useful service because it adds an extra layer of protection while online. However, before we dive deeper into how a VPN […]

Bandwidth Sharing

Overview The primary limitation of a speed test is that they can only measure the portion of your bandwidth that is left over after current usage – if you’re using 10Mbps for a download while running a speed test, the result will come back considerably lower. Pause streaming, shut off […]

Upload Speed

Overview When running a speed test you’ll need to factor in the upload limitations as a possible point of interference. If another device on your network has Microsoft Onedrive, iCloud, Dropbox, ect. Running in the background and using up all the upload speed, this can cause issues with other devices […]

Connection Speed

Overview Issues with the speed of your Amplex service are oftentimes best handled by our support technicians in the main office during normal hours (7AM-10PM M-F, and 9AM-5PM weekends). That being said, there are a few items that a residential user can use to check and narrow down the “bottleneck” […]

Refreshing Your Network Equipment

Here are some simple steps we recommend to do monthly that will refresh your networking equipment and keep it running smoothly. There are a few different types of network setups. The difference mainly depends on if you’re a wireless customer or a fiber customer. The other factor is if you […]