Setting Up SFN On Roku Device

Before buying a new Roku device, first check to make sure your TV doesn’t already have one built in. If you have one with it built in, it should say “Roku TV” on the bottom right corner of the frame. Currently there are 11 manufacturers that have partnered with Roku: TCL, Sharp, Hisense, Phillips, Sanyo, Element, JVC, RCA, Magnavox, Westinghouse, and Onn.

  • Note: If you’re using a Roku TV it must be larger than 40 inches. This requirement does not apply to Roku Streaming Player. However, we do recommend using the “Roku Streaming Stick 4K” or higher version.

Setup Steps

  • Press “Home” button
  • Press “Down Arrow” until streaming channels is highlighted

  • Press “OK” button
  • Press “Down Arrow” until search channels is highlighted
  • Press “OK” button
  • Type “sfn” in the search bar

  • Press “Right Arrow” until “SFNTVNow” is highlighted
  • Press “OK” button
  • Press “OK” again for “Add Channel”

  • Press “OK” button
  • Press the “Home” button  (You should now see the SFN App somewhere on the home screen, you may have to press “Right Arrow”, then “Down Arrow” in order to see it.)
  • Once SFN app is highlighted press “OK”

  • Press “OK” in order to bring up but the keyboard

  • Type your username then press “OK”
  • Type your password then press “OK”
  • Create a new name for this device then press “OK”
  • Press “Down Arrow” Then Press “OK”

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