Business Phone – Blocking A Number From Calling A Business

Amplex business phone service allows you to add phone numbers to a block list which will automatically reject the call if someone from the number entered tries to call you. To perform this function you will need to have “Office Manager” access to your businesses phone system.


How To Block A Number

  1. Begin by going to and logging in with your username and password.
    NOTE: Your login name is unique to your company and extension. If you do not know your login name you can recover it by clicking the “Forgot Username” link.If your username can not be located it is possible your account has not yet been granted access to the phone portal. Contact [email protected] or 419-837-5015 to speak to a technical support agent to enable access. Access must be approved by the point of contact on your business account so please consult your internal IT policies to notify that person of your request.
  2. Click Users then select “Call Router”NOTE: Your company may have multiple call router users depending on the the specific business layout. It is recommended to add numbers to all relevant call routers. If you are unsure please contact us at [email protected] or 419-837-5015 and we will assist you.
  3. Click the Answering Rules Tab and Select “Allow/Block”
  4. In the Allow / Block screen you can now enter in a 10 digit number in the Blocked Number and click the + symbol to add a number. It is not recommend to use the Allow list as this will block all numbers outside of the phones listed and can cause problems receiving incoming calls if the number is not in your allowed number list. Once you are done adding numbers click done.In the example below I’ve added 8002154545 to my list of blocked numbers.add-block-number


Question: Can I block anonymous or unknown callers?

Answer: Yes. In the Allow/Block screen simply click the box next to “Block anonymous or unknown” then click done. This will block callers who do not have a caller ID number.

WARNING: this can be dangerous as any unknown or anonymous call will be blocked and may result in customers who choose to block caller ID or activate anonymous calling being unable to call you.


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