Refreshing Your Network Equipment (Wireless Customer)

Network Setup Overview

Below are some simple steps we recommend to do monthly that will refresh your network equipment and keep it running smoothly.

Step 1. On the back of the router you’ll see an Ethernet cable (looks like a large phone cord) plugged into a port that’s titled one of the following: “WAN”, “Internet”, “Service”, or it may just have a picture of a globe over it. Unplug this cable and then plug it back into the same port it was removed from, if it’s a solid connection you’ll hear a clicking sound.

Step 2. Once the cord is plugged back in, follow the cord to the other end and you’ll see the P.o.E. device. The device looks like a small black brick with a green light on it. On one end of the device you’ll see two Ethernet cords plugged into it. Unplug each of these cables one at a time and plug them back into the same port, if it’s a solid connection you’ll hear a clicking sound.

    • Note: Unplugging these cords on the P.o.E. device will kill the power to our radio outside and force it to reboot.

Step 3. While the radio is rebooting, go back to your router and unplug the power cable from the back for a minimum of 15 seconds. Keeping it unplugged for this amount of time will allow all the energy to dissipate and force the router to run a full system check when you plug it back in.


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