Residential Phone – How To Setup & Check Voicemail


All residential phone plans include free voicemail. This voicemail picks up automatically after 30 seconds of ringing if you do not have an answering machine at your home. This voicemail system is easily accessible from your phone and simple to navigate.


How To Setup Voicemail

To setup your voicemail from your amplex phone service dial 5001. You will be asked to enter in your pin code and press pound (#). If you do not know, or were not assigned a pin code, please contact support at 419-837-5015 for a pin code. You will then be prompted to record your name then press pound (#) when finished. Next you will be prompted to record a greeting and press pound (#) when finished. . A greeting is a message which will be played for the caller when your voicemail picks up. Once you have finished recording your greeting your voicemail is setup.

How To Check Voicemail

To check your voicemail simply dial 5001 from your amplex phone service. When prompted enter your pin code and press pound (#) . You can then press 1 to hear new messages.

Please refer to the diagram below for the voicemail menu options. The voice prompt when you dial in will inform you of each option but the chart below can make navigating the menu system quicker. After each option remember to press the pound (#) symbol. You can click on the image below to load a larger version of the image for easy reading.



Question: Can I check my voicemail on the internet?

Answer: Yes, you can check and listen to voicemail messages on the internet. Amplex provides a phone website which allows you to view, listen and delete your messages along with view your call history.

  1. Begin by going to
  2. If you do not know your Login Name and Password, click the Forgot Password link

Your login name is: [email protected]    (Ex: [email protected])

If after clicking send you do not get an email as pictured below, please contact us at 419-837-5015.  We may need to update the email address we have on file.

After clicking Reset Password, you will be prompted to create one, (see picture below)

Once you click Save, you will now be able to login:


Click on Messages on the top icon bar.

You can now play, download, save or delete voicemails by hovering your mouse over the individual message and choosing one of the icons that appear to the right of the message.


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