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SFN: Overview & Setup


  • Amplex offers live TV packages brought to you by Internet Protocol Television or “IPTV” for short. This is slightly different from the traditional method of watching television. Instead of using cable boxes that are fixed to one location, we use Roku and Amazon Fire Stick streaming devices. The SFN TV service is also available to stream on computers and mobile devices. This sets us apart from traditional TV services because now you can watch TV anywhere!

    • Note: We recommend only using this when connected to a Wi-Fi network, otherwise this will run through your mobile data very quickly.

  • Each customer is allowed up to 5 devices on their account. These devices can be easily added, changed, or removed at any time. Below are links on how to set up SFN on different devices.

  • SFN Mobile Links

  • SFN Setup Guides For Android, Apple, Amazon Fire Stick, & Roku


Amazon Fire Stick & Roku Mobile Applications

  • Amazon Fire Stick & Roku mobile apps are not required for S.F.N. to work but these apps are very useful to have. By downloading these apps to your mobile device, you can manage all of your Amazon Fire Stick or Roku. This includes installing, removing, and updating apps on any Amazon Fire Stick & Roku device you have. It also lets you set parental controls and take control of the TV without even being in the same room.

  • Android Mobile App

  • Apple Mobile App

  • Setup Guide For Amazon Fire Stick & Roku

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