Cambium Software

CNUT Network Updater: CNUTInstaller-4.13.3-windows-installer


You must first login locally to the cambium radio and enable as allowed SNMP to be able to update software. Login to the radio at with the username root and password CSR provides you.

Click on Configuration then SNMP

Scroll down to the first open line (listed as and type in netmask 16

Scroll to bottom of page and click Save Changes.

To upgrade software first begin by downloading CNUT network updated and installing. You can then run a program from your desktop called Network Updated.  Begin by clicking Update then Manage Packages

Click Add then choose the software package from the download above for the type of radio/canopy software and click open.

You should now see the software in the list, click close.

Add network element by right clicking on Network Root and clicking Add Element. Uncheck Use Default/Inherit Settings from Parent Element. In Device password and Retype password type the SM password given to you by CSR. In SNMP Community type the snmp password the CSR gives you. It is case sensitive. in Discover Targets choose Scan IP Address Range and type and click ok.

Once the device is added you should see it in the list. Make sure you check mark the device then choose Update and Update Selected Network Elements

The update should begin and take ~ 3-5 minutes to complete.


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