Phone Battery Backup Information

Amplex phone service operates over your Amplex internet connection. In the event of a power failure, if you have not chosen to purchase a battery backup or if your battery has become depleted, you will not be able to dial 911 or other emergency services from your Amplex phone service. […]

Local Computer Repair Shops

Many of Amplex’s customers and employees have used the companies listed below and given very positive feedback. While Amplex does not warranty any of the work of the companies listed below we only recommend companies we have received positive reviews of and have personal or business experience with. Local Computer […]

Amplex Launches Remote Support

Amplex is proud to announce the launch of our remote support tool. This tool allows our trained LOCAL technical support representatives to remotely connect to a customers computer to provide advanced support.

This tool provides a secure and simple way for our customers to authorize an Amplex technician to access their customer and provides our customers with the peace of mind of knowing they can see everything the technician does on screen. In addition to being secure this tool allows the technician to connect one time only and clearly shows when the technician has connected and disconnected.

The remote support tool can be accessed while on the phone with an Amplex technican on PC’s and Mac’s by clicking Remote on the Amplex Support page or by visiting

New Amplex Support Site Launched

Amplex Internet has always prided itself in delivering exceptional customer service with LOCAL technical support for all of our internet and phone customers. While our customers have complimented the knowledge and skill of our support staff over the phone, in letters and on social media we know the more resources to assist our customers the better.

Today we are proud to announce the launch of the new Amplex Support and Knowledge Base website. This site will allow our customers to access easy help guides, technical advice and advanced setup tips and tricks any time of the day or night.

Integrated into the knowledge base is a powerful search bar which allows anyone to locate helpful guides by simply searching for a keyword or phrase. With easy to read pages formatted to provide perfect printing it’s always simple to get the help that our customers need.