Residential VoIP Process

Residential VoIP Process


Initial Request / New Internet Customer with VoIP

When a customer is interested in getting Amplex Phone service along with new Internet, whether they want to port an existing number or get assigned a new number, the request is entered using sales tracker,

After the sales tracker entry has been saved, a Google calendar entry is populated and few emails are sent to [email protected] and to OTRS.

Calendar Info

The calendar entry will display 1 of 2 passages at the bottom of the appointment  depending on if they are porting a number or requesting a new number.

Example: Porting a Number

Residential VoIP: Port a number – 419-287-4753

VoIP Info

1) Please create a Prospective VoIP-Res-UNL service in Billmax.
2) Provision the ATA.

1) Install an ATA.
2) Collect a completed LOA form along with a copy of customers most recent phone bill, (first page, within 30 days)
3) Make an outbound test call to confirm service is provisioned
4) If we (Amplex) needs to go back and disconnect the NID once the number ports, please let CSR know and have them note the ticket.
5) Let the customer know that someone from the phone department will be contacting them to setup a date and time to port the number so they can be home.
6) If customer plans to use a base station and plug directly into our ATA, have the CSR note the ticket so I know that I can port the number without having to have a tech stop back by. This means customer is fully capable of plugging their base station phone directly into our ATA.

*If the customer is porting a number and we receive the VoIP paperwork before the installation (LOA & first page of the phone bill, within 30 days)  I update the calendar appointment;  FST  2) with the below information. 
Customer already sent in all of their VoIP paperwork. I will submit the port request once the Internet service has been installed AND the ATA is connected and accessible.

This lets the FST know that they do not have to ask the customer for VoIP paperwork when they arrive.

Example:  Assign a New Number

Residential VoIP: Assign New Number

VoIP Info

1) Customer is getting Assigned a New Number today. Please see VoIP dept if calendar doesn’t show the new number above.
2) Please create and Open a VoIP-Res-UNL service in Billmax.
3) Update the calendar appointment Collect field to include the total with phone service, (including tax).
Provision the ATA.

1) Install an ATA. Customer requested a New Number today (phone service should fully work before you leave).
2) Disconnect the NID if customer plans to use Internal wiring for our phone service.
3) Make an INBOUND and outbound test call to confirm service is provisioned and working.
4) The total to collect should have been updated by the CSR to include the phone service (plus tax)


Email Info

The email sent to [email protected] will let you know that a new VoIP request has been created and give you customer information and the date of Internet installation.
The OTRS emails will create a ticket and send an email to the customer. The title of the ticket in OTRS with look like this:    Ticket#2020101410000452 — New Amplex Phone Service for Pat Rollins, 11/6/2020, Pemberville

At this time I create myself a calendar reminder for the morning of the installation appointment to create the user in NMS0.   I do this in case the customer changes their mind after we call to verify the install or the install gets cancelled, I don’t have to remove the User from NMS0.
On my calendar appointment, I include whether they are porting a number or getting assigned a new number, along with a link to the ticket.  I then pend the ticket until the date of installation.
*(Feel free to create the User the day before if you work a shift that starts after an installation is scheduled)


Entering the User in NMS0

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Adding a number (to be ported into Amplex)

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Assigning a New Number 

Existing Number in AmplexAdmin

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Purchasing a new number from Bandwidth or Inteliquent

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911 Provisioning

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Activation/Porting numbers

Once a number has received a FOC date (firm order commitment) the number will need to be activated on that date and the number/DID will need to be enabled in

We activate numbers through three porting companies.  Bandwidth, Inteliquent and Ohio Telecom.



Ohio Telecom: 419-734-2369 option 3 or Email: [email protected] and [email protected]
(they are used when a number is not portable through Bandwidth or Inteliquent)

After you have confirmed that the ATA is installed and accessible (and if an FST is on site, has a dial tone)
go to NMS0, locate the number in Inventory to determine which porting company the number will port through.

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