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Question: My area is listed as having a tower outage, what do I do now?

Answer: Amplex’s installation and tower technicians respond to most outages and are most likely actively engaged in restoring service to the tower. We apologize for the inconvenience of the outage and appreciate your patience while we repair effected equipment. Most tower outages are able to be repaired within a few hours.  If your service is not restored within a few hours of the outage please contact our LOCAL technical support for assistance.

Question: What should I do if I’m experiencing connectivity issues that don’t appear to be related to a tower outage listed above?

Answer: Amplex’s LOCAL technical support agents are always availible to help assist you with difficulties with your service. If you’re experiencing trouble and you don’t belive it’s related to an area wide tower outage please give us a call so we can assist you.


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