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Estimate Your Data Usage


Question: How Much Data Does Amplex Provide?

Answer: Amplex currently offers some of the most generous data limits in the wireless industry. While many cell phone providers limit usage to 5 GB and some satellite providers offer up to  25 GB. Amplex's MINIMUM data limit is 100 GB with our fastest plan offering 1,000 GB of data. Amplex is committed to providing the most data we can offer to allow you to stream video, download games and do what YOU want on your Internet connection.

  Home Xtreme Home Premium + Home Basic
Down/Up Speed 25/3 Mbps* 12/2 Mbps* 2 Mbps/1Mbps*
Monthly Rate $79.95 $54.95 $39.95

*Stated speeds are an average sustained rate and not guaranteed speeds.


Question: What numbers does the data calculator above use to estimate usage?

Answer:  Amplex uses the following average statistics to calculate your estimated usage on the tool above. Your actual usage is always displayed on your billing statement and is a reading of the exact GB of data being transmitted and received through your internet connection.

Average web page of 2 MB, average e-mail of 50 KB, average song file size of 3.5MB, average image file size of 2 MB, average movie file size of 2.5 GB, average hour of streamed music using 60 MB, average hour of online gaming using 25 MB. 1024 KB = 1 MB, 1024 MB = 1 GB.
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