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Download/Upload Speed Issues


Issues with the speed of your Amplex service are oftentimes best handled by our support technicians in the main office during normal hours (7AM-8PM M-F, and 9AM-5PM weekends). That being said, there are a few simple tests that a residential user can use to try and narrow down the "bottleneck" in their speeds. Follow the steps below before calling Amplex Support, and record any issues or results that you get back.

  1. Establishing the speed of your Amplex service plan.

    • Your statement from Amplex each month has a plan definition stated clearly - Home Basic, Home Premium, Home Xtreme - which can be matched with the plans listed online. We don't hide our prices and speeds or quote differently based on location!

    • You can determine your plan by going to 1 . This website will tell you the throughput limitations of your plan, as well as show you what you're currently using. The usage meter will be an essential troubleshooting tool throughout this guide.

  2. Speedtests (and their limitations)

    • The primary limitation of a speedtest is that they can only measure the portion of your bandwidth that is left over after current usage - if you're using 10Mbps for a download while running a speedtest, the result will come back considerably lower. Pause streaming, shut off devices, disable Wi-Fi on phones/tablets - generally stop usage on your home network before running a speedtest!

    • There are many different tools for diagnosing the speed of your Internet service. Most of them are referred to as speed tests, but also may go by the name download test. Not all are created equal.

    • To get the best results we recommend the open-source 2which provides the most accurate results. You can also use,, or even Google's built-in speedtest.

    • Speedtests generally push out a large random file, and then simply measure the time it takes for your connection to download that full file. Be careful running speedtests on mobile data - they will eat up your monthly limit very quickly!

  3. Still getting slow speeds? Maybe it's that old wireless router!

    • The wireless router is the primary mode of connection in most homes - devices must first connect to the broadcasted wireless network before the traffic is handed off to your Amplex service radio.

    • Routers can "age" just the same as all other electronics, slowly becoming less effective and not keeping up with the devices that connect to them. Cut that router out of the equation and test again!

    • You have two options to do this - but both require a device with a working Ethernet port. Follow the instructions here to bypass your connection (insert link here explaining bypass test) and then run your speedtest again. It is generally expected that results will be lower over wireless. This is not a concern unless the results are considerably lower - in which case your router may be slowing you down!

  4. Something isn't quite right here...

    • Despite your troubleshooting, you're still not getting the speeds you'd like? Give Amplex Support a call at 419-837-5015 and we can take a look - there might be an issue we can easily fix. Calling in costs you nothing, and most truck rolls are free!




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