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Connection Speed


Issues with the speed of your Amplex service are oftentimes best handled by our support technicians in the main office during normal hours (7AM-10PM M-F, and 9AM-5PM weekends). That being said, there are a few items that a residential user can use to check and narrow down the “bottleneck” in their speeds. Below is a list of items that can impact your connection speed, this list should help you narrow down the root cause of your issue. Before calling Amplex Support, please record any issues and test results that you get back.

  • Variables That Affect Speed

    • Service Plan

      • Your statement from Amplex each month has a plan definition stated clearly – Home Basic, Home Premium, Home Xtreme – which can be matched with the plans listed on our website. We don't hide our prices and speeds or quote differently based on location! If the speed is within 10% higher or lower than the sustained speed rates your internet provider advertised then you're getting exactly what you're paying for. For example if you have a 4Mbps plan and see a speed result of 4.09Mbps then you're in good shape.

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    • Upload speed

      • Upload speed can also affect your download speed. If a Device on your network is using all of the upload bandwidth it will interfere with download requests being sent out.

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    • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

      • VPN's are becoming more and more common among everyday users. This service is very useful for adding an extra layer of security while you're connected to the internet. It works by rerouting all of your traffic through a remote server and then assigns the device a new IP address. Since all of the traffic has to make an extra stop before reaching the device this will slow down your connection speed. So if you use one make sure it's turned off before running the speed test.

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    • Connection Method

      • Wireless (Home Wi-Fi) is usually the most common means of connecting to the internet for residential customers. Unfortunately there is a downside to this form of connection and can add more points of interference. For the fastest and most stable connection we recommend using an Ethernet cable that's plugged directly into your router.

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    • Devices

      • The device you choose for running a speed test can also impact the test results. Old devices could have an outdated networking card or one that is starting to fail. Either way the test results will be displaying the device limitations and not the network limitations.

    • Router

      • Routers age the same as any other electronics, slowly becoming less effective and not able to keep up with all the devices that connect to them.

  • Speed Test Tools

    • There are many different tools for diagnosing the speed of your Internet service. Most of them are referred to as speed tests, but also may go by the name download test. Not all are created equal.

    • To get the best results we recommend the first link which will provide the most accurate results.

      • Note: Speed tests generally push out a large random file, and then simply measure the time it takes for your connection to download that full file. Be careful running speed tests on mobile data – they will eat up your monthly limit very quickly!

  • Something isn't quite right here…
    Still not getting the speeds you'd like? Give Amplex Support a call at 419-837-5015 and we can take a look – there might be an issue we can easily fix. Calling in costs you nothing, and most truck rolls are free!

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