Android E-mail Setup

Android is a very popular operating system for phones and tablets. One of the positives of Android is each device manufacturer can customize the interface and apps. The downside of this customization is that your device may have a mail app which looks different then the example below. Please consult your device manual for e-mail setup instructions for instructions specific to your device.

Locate the Email App icon in your App list or App draw and tap on it.



If you are prompted to Set up an email account skip to the next step. If you already have one e-mail account setup tap the options menu key on your phone and tap settings. From the Settings menu tap Add account.


From the Set up email screen tap Others.


Type in your e-mail address in the first box then type in your e-mail password in the second box and tap Manual setup.


Tap on IMAP account.


In the empty box under Username type your e-mail username. The username is the part of your e-mail address before the For example if your e-mail is [email protected] the username would be tima. In the box under IMAP server type In the Security Type box choose SSL (Accept all certificates). In the box under port verify the number listed is 993. Scroll down and tap next.


In the box under SMTP server type Under Security Type choose None. In the box under port change the number listed to 587. Verify the checkbox next to Require sign-in is checked. Scroll down and tap next.


The next screen will present you with options for how often to check your e-mail, if your e-mail is automatically synced, if you are notified about new e-mail messages and if your attachments are downloaded automatically once you connect to Wi-Fi. The most commonly chosen options are shown below. Tap Next to continue.


In the box under Give this account a name (optional) you can type a name to easily remember what e-mail account this is for. In the box under Name (Displayed on outgoing messages) type your name as you would like it to appear in messages you sent to other people. Tap Next to continue.


Tap Done with accounts to finish the e-mail setup. You can now access your E-mail by tapping the Email App icon in your App list or App draw.


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